Web App Concept

The Goal

Teaming up with salesforce to make a template for eProposal. When Parexel is making a proposal they want to have the proposal online for the client to see, and they wanted it branded based on the company they were working with. 

  • Interactive Prototype
  • Visual Design
  • Analysis
  • Information Architecture

6 months


I use the Design-Thinking methodology to guide my design process. 

The Audience

Future vendors like pFizor that could use a clinical research trial organization.

Understanding the customers context & needs

Sales team would have to meet in person to give and explain a demo. They wanted to not just handed over a proposal but wanted them to be able to access it. 


*Create a web app. 
*Give the vendor a copy of the proposal with a password lock. 
*Continue to meet in person

Prioritize and choose idea

Create a web app with salesforce since they are already paying for their services. 


Create user flow of vendor 
Design Template, lofi prototype/high fidelity interactive prototype


Project failed, the back and forth cost took to long and for salesforce needing to custom make a tool for this was not going to be a significant savings. So the project was canceled.