Web App UX Design / Dev


The Rates Database is a web application that combines multiple stand alone legacy excel applications into an online internal web portal for the sales team to procure bids for a pharmaceutical research organization.. 

  • Developer
  • Visual Design
  • Information Architecture
  • User Testing
  • User Research
  • Branding
  • Prototype
  • Wireframe



I interviewed the stakeholders and internal company users doing qualitative and quantitative research to find out more on who will be using these tools, and which features of the legacy apps were currently being used. 


  • Categorized users into 3 categories. 
  • Created an affinity map to identify a list of top valuable features with the least amount of effort. 
  • Organized the data collected into a sitemap. 


  • Utilized company's branding style guide.
  • Iterated several times establishing the best layout for the sales team. 


Once the structure and style-tiles were established the shell of the web app and MVP of features were prototyped. I used Adobe XD to create the prototype and deliver the link to the sales team that will be using the tool. 

Prototype Link


The users were able to put comments anonymously on the prototype as they clicked through it. The dev team, management and I deciphered which user feedback and the business needs aligned and made adjustments to the prototype. 


This project created a large revenue increase and collecting feedback from the users the were happier using a fresh new modern version.  At a team level it was our first project working together and was a big win!